New Walmart gift card-2023

What is Walmart gift card used for?

A Walmart gift card is a prepaid debit card that may be used to pay for any item at Walmart that falls within its value, with any unused funds being put towards future purchases.

How does a gift card cost?

General-use gift cards, like those from Visa and Mastercard, typically contain a single upfront fee that the gift giver would pay. This fee is frequently referred to as a purchase or activation fee. Depending on the amount put to the card, the fee might range from $2.95 to $5.95, according to a sample of gift card websites.

Can I use Walmart gift cards online?

Walmart plastic Gift Cards can be used for both in-store and online purchases at and Walmart locations in the United States or Puerto Rico. A plastic Walmart Gift Card may also be used at Sam’s Club and on by Sam’s Club members.

Do Walmart gift cards expire?

Your eGift Card has no expiration date. To ensure that you don’t forget, we advise redeeming it as soon as you get it.

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